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Natalie Debrabandere Author

"If Natalie wasn’t already one of my favorite authors she would be at the top of the list after the first two books of this series! Can’t wait for book 3!"

Kindle & Paperback available WORLDWIDE on your local Amazon marketplace

New York – London – Paris – Los Angeles… ALL GONE.


Of the eight billion people who lived on Earth in 2020, only two-and-a-half now remain.


Commander Sky Y Shar has gone AWOL on her own military to lead the human Resistance, but they are seriously under-resourced and losing fast. She struggles with recurring nightmares and violent flashbacks.


Defence Counsellor Bri Arktar used to want her dead, but now she is the only one who can help. Between the powerful counsellor and the tough but vulnerable commander, mutual respect and admiration soon turn to something more.


But can Sky stay true to her ultimate goal? Can she lay to rest old wounds? And will she survive long enough to win Earth back?


*** Sexy and action-packed ***

*** A definite winner ***

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