"My goal is to write unputdownable Lesfic novels that keep you up all night..."

As a writer, I love creating worlds, stories, and characters out of thin air. My MCs are all strong women who go through challenging life 'stuff’, and always come through the other side with the help and love of another woman. 


If this is your first experience with my work, I hope that you will find as much pleasure in reading my books as I do in writing them!

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What readers say...

“Strong storylines, great descriptions! The flow of story and the richness of the characters keeps you engaged from start to finish.”

“Well-written and edited… I love all of this author’s books!”

“There are a handful of authors whose books I read immediately on release; Natalie Debrabandere is one of them. Exciting, edge-of-your-seat reading… Strong military women who love women and rule the day!”

 “If you’re into kick-ass, tough female leaders, and a great storyline, you’re in luck! Loved the Contact Series. Perfect editing as well.”

“With each book she’s written, Miss Debrabandere provides teachable moments, nuggets that I can use in living my own life. She does so in this book about addiction and always learning how to live a whole life. Highly recommend As Far As It Takes and all of this author’s books!”

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