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"Oh, my! What an adventure this book takes you on. There is danger, excitement, realism and a really nice love story. What more can you want? The location descriptions took me right to the middle of a jungle---very vividly! Jane and Melissa were both brave women and their friend, Matt, was great, too. I totally enjoyed reading this and would highly recommend it. This book is like a movie but "watching" it with words only."

Kindle & Paperback available WORLDWIDE on your local Amazon marketplace

Newly-appointed National Geographic photographer Melissa Douglas is travelling to the Amazon to cover the work of Dr Jane Grayson, a rebel academic with a wildly dissident take on history. A huge fan of Grayson’s books, Melissa is beyond excited to accompany her on expedition.


Grayson herself has dedicated her life to the search for a lost civilisation that she believes may be Atlantean in origin. Specifically, she is on a quest to find a vanished temple which could hold tantalising clues. She has neither the time nor the inclination to babysit a fledgling reporter.


Jane is all heat and brazenness, Melissa quietly strong under her apparent shyness. As they battle the jungle, the heat, deadly snakes and predators, their mutual attraction to each other soon starts to grow.


But a sinister evil is lurking in the shadows, and the search for archaeological remains quickly turns into something much darker: a desperate race to stay alive...

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