In 2020, change is accelerating. Now, everybody can see it’s happening for real!

We are on the verge of becoming a new kind of Human... Perhaps really human for the first time. It’s all good, part of our normal evolution, although change can be scary for some. I am here to help you adapt to this change, so that you do not just survive, but thrive on Planet Earth in 2020 and the years to come.


For many years, I struggled to find my way. On the surface, I was successful; but the model of the world I was made to function within (our modern western society/consensus reality), eventually led to an experience of deep depression and self-harming for me.

This was the catalyst for change I needed. I went from being lost and a victim to reconnecting with my true nature. I remembered that I (the real Self) is not made of flesh and bone, but an eternal being having a human experience in physical reality. I started to question everything, and rejected most of the commonly-held beliefs I had been taught about who and what we are. Change happened fast; within weeks of starting to work on myself, I fell completely in love with my life. 

Now I know through direct experience that:

  • Everything is possible

  • Time is just a construct

  • We are not physical beings

  • There is no death as we understand it

  • Physical reality is an illusion, an advanced school of soul development

Over the last ten years, I have become an expert in the field of personal and spiritual development. Additionally, I am a fully-accredited Master Coach and Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy™, and Hypnosis. My clients come from all walks of life: I have worked with writers, students, business people, military personnel (serving and veterans), and I also specialise in LGBT-related issues.


My Coaching puts the emphasis on personal empowerment and finding solutions that work for you. It is a friendly and relaxed process in which you will learn tried and tested techniques for immediate results in all areas of your life and personal growth.

Here is a brief summary of the stages of traditional Coaching I offer:

  • Get to know your Self, find your purpose and what's important to you in life

  • Let go of negative emotions that create unnecessary stress and difficulties

  • Identify and release limiting beliefs and ideas about yourself 

  • Improve your relationships and communication with others

  • Identify your vision, goals, create a realistic plan of action

  • Consolidate the work with mindfulness/meditation


  • NLP

  • Hypnosis

  • Metaphysics

  • Author Mentoring

  • OBEs (Astral Travel)

  • Time Line Therapy™

  • Past-Life Regression

  • Mindfulness/Meditation

  • Achieving a sober/addiction-free lifestyle

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