No problem can exist without its corresponding solution; that is a simple law of existence. So, no matter what issue you may be facing right now:

  • Depression

  • Disconnection

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Negative emotions

  • A lack of personal fulfilment

  • A feeling of being out of control

  • Difficult relationships with others

  • Fear of the future or inability to cope with the present

The solution is always much closer than you think.


Through developing an awareness of our true nature as spiritual beings, we can reconnect with our authentic Self, ground into a more neutral perspective, and extract the pearl in the oyster, the core teaching of every experience – once we have it, there is no need for the experience to repeat over and over in an endless negative loop.

From the perspective of our true Self, we find that fear disappears, and compassion, both for ourselves and others, arises in its place. We move to a spacious realm of allowance, total confidence, and non-judgment, which in turn allows us to become both relaxed and fully empowered individuals.

This life was never created as a prison or a punishment; it is not a place for us to experience victimhood (although Free Will means that you can if you want to). Rather, it is designed for fearless exploration and joyful expression of everything that we are. When we learn to stand in our innate power, we become willing to engage and play with life, therefore fulfilling our true purpose. Are you ready to embrace your true vibrant Self?


Self-enquiry – Know Thyself

Who are you? Or better put: WHAT are you? Through gentle guidance, you can achieve direct experience of the spirit within. It is not so hard once we realise what we are not: our body, thoughts, compulsions, emotions… Although these are part of our experience, the trick is in learning to differentiate between what is real and what is not; between social conditioning based on fear and limitation, and the expansive freedom of outside the box; between 'thinking' that we are, and the simple truth of pure Beingness.

Become conscious – Mindset Activation

95% of all our behaviours is based on unconscious beliefs, values, definitions, etc. But your Unconscious Mind is not this crazy thing apart from you that makes you eat too much, get drunk when you don’t want to, shout at your kids, all those behaviours you don’t prefer but feel you are powerless to stop. You’re not powerless… You don’t have to live with anger, fear, sadness, or hurt… You never have to be a victim of your circumstances. What if you are, right now? There is no magic in this: using the latest Coaching techniques people like Tony Robbins employ, I will teach you how to let go of limiting beliefs and negative emotions, and create long-lasting change in your life.

Ignite your potential – Just flow

Once you know what you are, and after you’ve let go of what holds you back in life, we can start to look at your future. Who do you want to be? What goals do you have? What results will you create? A dream without a plan is just a wish – but together, we will create a roadmap to a new reality for you. Everything is possible. In truth, this world is quite different than what you may have been led to believe. So are you! Freedom is in realising Truth, and you can; people do all the time.


For many years, I struggled to find my way. On the surface, I was successful; but trying to fit in with the model of a broken society eventually led to an experience of deep depression and self-harming for me.

This was the catalyst for change that I needed. I went from being lost and a victim to reconnecting with my true nature. I remembered that I (the real Self) is not made of flesh and bone, but an eternal being having a human experience in physical reality. I started to question everything, and rejected most of the commonly-held beliefs and definitions I had been taught about who and what we are. Change happened fast. Today, I am happy, fulfilled, and I've realised my dream of becoming a professional fiction writer. You can absolutely do the same. I say: Follow your dreams - being a bestselling author is optional! 

Over the last ten years, I have become an expert in the field of personal and spiritual development, areas such as Meditation, Non-dualism, Metaphysics... Additionally, I am a fully-accredited Past-Life Regression Therapist; a Master Coach of NLP; and a Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy™, and Hypnosis. My clients come from all walks of life: I have worked and achieved success with writers, students, business people, military personnel (serving and veterans), and I also deal in LGBT-related issues. Get in touch...

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