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Natalie Debrabandere Author

"I will take a moment to say, Wow! What a really good story! Natalie has written this book with strong women and lots of action! The twist she throws in is a surprise that will make you say, What in the world? It's a well written story with a good lead into the next book. And I'm off to get it now!"

Kindle & Paperback available WORLDWIDE on your local Amazon marketplace

July 2020 – Planet Earth.


Freelance news photographer Sky McKenna is in New York, investigating dark rumours about the murder of US kids by the military. Urban legends? Insane lies? Children are dying, and no one knows.


Meanwhile, President Trump is on track for re-election. A series of lethal asteroids recently narrowly missed the earth, and a new planet is visible in the sky. Religious zealots and end-times aficionados are whipping an already stressed-out population into even worse frenzy. As fear and violent riots increase, a state of emergency is declared across the land.


These are dangerous times indeed, and yet Sky has no idea of the magnitude of the personal challenge that she is about to face. By summer’s end, she will have been transformed forever… The fate of all Humankind will be in her hands.

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