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"If you like stories about strong women who go through challenging physical and emotional stuff and find love along the way... this one is for you! Great characters, easy to love, including a lovely supporting cast. And it will keep you guessing until the last page." 

Kindle & Paperback available WORLDWIDE on your local Amazon marketplace


Being shot multiple times while saving the life of one of her men has cost Marine Captain, Charlie Winters, the career and lifestyle that she loved. Following that, losing her temper in a bar robbed her of her freedom. When a well-meaning judge sentences her to spend three weeks at a civilian Healing Centre in Canada, Charlie’s backup plan is simple: don’t think, don’t engage, just stay drunk.

Therapist Renée Clarke is no stranger to personal tragedy, and a broken Marine with an attitude problem is a welcome challenge to keep her focused. As days go by, she discovers that Captain Winters is not as damaged as she expected. Meanwhile, Charlie realises that speaking to her coach is a lot more pleasant than she thought.

Life is rarely straightforward though, and always a high-stakes game.

When loving Renée could mean paying the ultimate price…

Will Charlie be strong enough to choose her?   

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