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Natalie Debrabandere

"Well written book that presents current and ancient Egypt in a way that piques your interest. The sensuality is this book is palpable, esp. the Alex and Rowan swimming off the boat piece. Whew. Natalie Debrabandere keeps "hitting it out of the park". All her works are a joy, but, Felucca Dreams is my fave."

Kindle & Paperback available WORLDWIDE on your local Amazon marketplace

No job, no income. Everything to lose.


Although before she figures out how to launch her own business and start earning again, London artist Rowan McAllister has vowed to fulfill a dream. She is off to spend some time in Egypt; to lose herself in ancient history, relax, recharge, and refocus.


Writer and archaeologist Professor Alex Casey may have a job and an income, but right now she is flat broke, and in trouble with her colleagues for speaking her mind a little too freely. Dragging a bunch of tourists around the sites and towing the line is not her style, and yet she is grateful for the offer to guide a trip that comes her way.


Cairo, Luxor, Aswan. Two women.

In the land of Osiris, anything can  happen…

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