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"I have read all of this author's books and this is the best. Very original. Surprising twists and turns. I was not sure which path the story would take. I found it very engaging. I appreciate the author's talent at telling a story by showing vs telling. Thank you for thinking outside the box on this one!"

Kindle & Paperback available WORLDWIDE on your local Amazon marketplace

During a ferocious thunderstorm in Glastonbury, England, a woman gets run over by a bus a few miles from the legendary Tor. When she comes to, she explains that she was on her way to the island, to pray to the Goddess at the temple on the hill. Her name is Ashleigh. She cannot remember anything else.


Only one person, local historian and past life regression therapist Andrew Monaghan, understands what this could really mean. He asks his colleague, New Yorker Kathleen Edwards, to fly over to help him with this unusual, and potentially extraordinary case.


From the start, it is obvious that the two women share a deep, meaningful, yet troubling connection. But who is Ashleigh, really? And will the dark secrets of her past eventually catch up with her, and cost her the life, and love she has always been searching for?

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