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"Awesome characters and a great mix of action and emotion. Wonderful new location as well, set in the heart of Provence... This author never disappoints, and always manages to surprise me! I was involved from the word go, and wish this story never ended - definitely 10/10! More, please!" 

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Following a terrifying ordeal at the hands of rebel soldiers, she heads off to Provence to join her mentor, Professor Ky Jacobs. Jessie is convinced that the Syrian episode will mark the end of her brilliant career. Too raw; too traumatic – never again will she dare to take such risk.


When a local teacher invites Ky to do a presentation at her school, Jessie makes an extraordinary discovery on the shores of the Etang de Berre. Could an ancient Roman city be hidden under the beach in Martigues? All of a sudden, her instincts are fired up.


Anais Fougier, the soon-to-be new owner of the site, could not care less about Roman ruins. Bold and brash, the businesswoman has construction on her mind. She is determined not to let anyone stop her, not even a sexy-as-hell Aussie archaeologist. And yet…


Over the course of a hot Provençal summer, fate might decide otherwise

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