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"Really good storytelling and strong characters! Evan is the kind of woman I love to read about, a strong warrior with a pure heart. Nic is a flirt and she wants Evan! Can the Marine stay alive long enough to fall for Nic?"

Kindle & Paperback available WORLDWIDE on your local Amazon marketplace

Elite Special Forces Operator Major Evan K. Williams should not be alive. She does not want to be. Tell that to those callous military doctors though.


Now Williams has AI inside her brain, and PTSD is making her life hell. Filled with rage, and consumed by guilt, the bottle is her only escape. But a broken marine unable to return to active duty is not something her commanding officer will tolerate for long.


A reluctant Williams is sent to Mars for compulsory R&R, and thrown into the hands of a sadistic therapist. She is surprised to discover that when she hits rock bottom, love is waiting for her there.


Still, life on the front-line as a leading officer of the Interstellar Commando Unit is anything but safe. And Williams will soon be facing her toughest and most dangerous challenge, which could very well land her right back where she started.



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