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Hello Friends! I've been busy writing the past few months… Well, I guess that’s not news. Anyway, I HAVE A NEW BOOK COMING OUT! This next novel is called RIDING ON HIGH. It’s a classic lesbian romance, and I can’t wait to send it out into the world. Here’s a Q&A and more info about it:

· A bit about the story…

My MC Lucy Mitchell used to lead a Tech Rescue team in the UK. After a terrible accident put an end to her career, she found new purpose in running the Starlight Ranch, an equine therapy centre located in the French Pyrenees. There, she helps First Responders and Army vets deal with the PTSD and depression that once almost destroyed her.

My other character is Iris Sinclair, a fifty-year-old Hollywood heavyweight who is at the top of her own career, having just won two Academy Awards. The tiny village of Oleyrac would not normally be on her list of places to visit, but a dangerous stalker soon makes it her only option for refuge.

As a chance encounter brings them together… Well, you get the picture! A lot of stuff will happen that I cannot possibly reveal without giving away significant spoilers. All I’ll say is that this book is truly original, full of surprises, and I loved every second of writing it.

· And a bit more!

Like I said, it’s a classic lesbian romance. It’s got suspense, tension, and adventure. It is sweet, funny, full of emotion… And yeah: sizzling HOT too!

· What inspired me to write this book:

For several years now, I’ve had this image in my head of a woman on a horse looking out toward the mountains. I knew that she was a lead character, but it wasn’t until February this year that she finally came over to introduce herself. I knew then that it was the right time to tell Lucy’s story. Also, I do in ‘real life’ the kind of Coaching work that she does in the book. Another similarity with Lucy is that I started riding when I was 7 years old, and I have always had a passion for horses. I grew up in France, so it was nice to base the story in the French mountains. Last but not least, I hope that my books will become movies one day, so I enjoyed throwing a Hollywood element into the novel. Iris and I also have a lot in common in our approach to life and relationships!

· Publishing dates:

Pre-order from 17th May on Amazon. Official release 1st June. As always, thanks for reading and reviewing! Nat x

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