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Thought I should clarify on here what I mean when I say that I am a Lesfic writer. Few people know the term, and when I explain that I write Lesbian Fiction, I often get a condescending, disapproving, or even horrified, panicked look in response. Let’s face it, most people assume that Lesbian Fiction is porn. When I add that I self-publish my work, I fall even further in their estimation. Let’s face it once again… Most people assume that if you self-publish, it’s because you are not good enough to have a ‘real’ publisher. So, let me clear this up:

On Being a Lesfic Writer:

What Lesfic means is simply that my main characters are lesbians. Easy, right? Then, you can have Lesfic Sci-Fi, Romance, Adventure, Action, Crime… You name it. Now, why did I choose to write lesbian fiction? After all, it is indeed quite ‘niche’, I suppose. My answer may sound quirky, but it’s all true: I believe that on a basic level, I did not really choose. I just started writing one day, and it just so happens that the main character was a lesbian. I guess I channelled my inner self. On a higher level, I think that we are all much more than we think we are. We are not humans. Not really, not at our core. Rather, we are conscious energy having a learning experience through the use of a human vehicle for a while. At that level, I believe wholeheartedly that I did choose to explore a lesbian theme in this incarnation. I love being a writer, and even more so, a lesbian writer. I love being a lesbian, period!

On Being Self-Published:

We live in empowering, enabling times. It used to be that if you wanted to produce a book, you really did need a publisher because the costs involved (printing, distributing, advertising, etc.) were prohibitive. Not so anymore. The idea that only people who are ‘not good enough’ self-publish is ludicrous. It belongs to the dark ages along with all these old printing machines. In today’s digital age, whether you want to write a book, make a movie, or produce music, YOU CAN DO IT! There are no limits. So, tell me: what do you want? A lot of people want to have a finished book. They want to be a writer, but they don’t necessarily want to be writing. It helps to be clear on your reason for doing anything in life, as it will have an impact on your motivation, behaviour, and results. Being a self-published author requires you to BE ALL-IN. From planning a book to writing it, reviewing and editing, publishing and marketing... Make no mistake about it: it takes total commitment and a big dose of obsession. It requires 100% effort, consistency, and focus. It demands true love and overwhelming passion. In a way, it’s not about whether or not you’re good enough for a publisher. The real question is: ‘Do you have what it takes to be an Indie?’

On What it Means:

If I had not become a writer, it would have been my one failure, a total waste of a good incarnation. My body of work is part of a larger blueprint that goes beyond this lifetime… And for sure, it helps to have a solid ‘Why’ such as this. As a writer, you need to be both humble and arrogant. Humble to know that something bigger than yourself animates your creation, and arrogant enough to say, “Yes. I am a writer. I’ve got this.” You need a bulletproof attitude because you are always flirting with rejection. You must have a solid purpose behind the doing of the thing, a powerful reason; money and Amazon reviews won’t get you far… I do it for joy. Nothing makes me happier than spending time with a character who suddenly appears out of nowhere inside my head and shares her story with me. The bond is strong and true during the writing stage, and when the character goes, I am left holding a finished book in my hand that I can share with the rest of the world. It’s fabulous, magical, exciting – there is no better feeling in the world!

So, I’m a Lesfic writer – what’s your Superpower?

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