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  • Natalie Debrabandere


Hello, Friends. If you follow this blog, you are now the first to know that my new book, SPACED OUT, is coming out June 27!

This will be a contemporary fiction/romance set in the mountains of New Mexico.

Nic Peake, injured NASA astronaut, is keen to spend the summer getting back to full fitness in order to save her career. Tayen Stoney, the girl next door, is working on family and romantic relationship issues. On the surface, the two women have nothing in common. Yet, in their own ways, both are on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. I think you know where this is going :) The book also includes a quirky best friend, a wise advocate of giving love a chance, a cute puppy, humor, and a touch of thrilling danger. Both Kindle and Paperback will be out June 27.

In other news:

·         The translation of Heart of Duty in French is almost done. Looking at a publishing date of early July.

·         I am also delighted to share that there will be a Book 3 in the Duty Series. Currently five chapters away from completing the first draft on it. The writing is flowing! I hope this is good news if you enjoyed Heart of Duty and Rookie Days.

Click here to pre-order SPACED OUT. Thank you in advance and speak to you soon. Nat x

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