• Natalie Debrabandere


Hi Guys,

A very short blog today - I just wanted to share with you something really cool that happened to me when I was writing BEYOND THE QUEST. I am very much a believer that this reality we live in is nothing but a dream, a projection of consciousness. And that whatever we hold in consciousness therefore will end up manifesting out there. Even though there is no out there!

So, I’d spent several days researching & writing about the Amazon rain forest and National Geographic magazine. One afternoon, I even mentioned jaguars prowling the jungle for their next meal in my writing. Then, I stopped to make myself a cup of coffee, and I noticed a car driving into my close…

The Sky people (engineers!) show up at MY building for an installation, and look what their car looks like! (Photo in blog title) It reflected everything that was in my head basically, and which I’d been working on with such tremendous passion and enthusiasm for several intense and focused days... Awesome.

"Synchronicity is an ever-present reality for those who have eyes to see." Carl Jung