• Natalie Debrabandere


Hello, friends;

I’ll start by saying that I hope you’re all doing well. I am lucky and grateful to be able to carry on writing, so that’s what I’m doing.

It would be easy to give in to fear in these crazy times, but it is also an opportunity to act and be in alignment with what we wish the world to become. It’s always darker before the brightest dawn. I firmly believe that our collective is about to wake up, so this is just the final step before we do. In 6 months-time, or a year, we may well look back to 2020 as the best year we needed to go through to evolve into a superior society, and a new kind of human being... So, I’m excited!

I also have a new book coming out on 1st May! Here’s what an early review says:

"Two women to save the world is what we need right now, and this book will keep you on the edge all the way through! Engaging plot and well-fleshed characters... At once sexy, dark, and a lot of fun! Oh, and did I mention heart-melting romance to go with it? Stayed up all night reading it - a great sci-fi/dystopian Lesfic!”

Cover reveal to follow – pre-order from April - synopsis below

In the meantime, stay well and keep your face to the light!

Nat Xx

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