• Natalie Debrabandere


In December last year, something happened that truly made my jaw drop. For me, self-realisation has been (and still is) happening in layers:

· Early conditioning convinced me that becoming a writer was impossible

· Doing NLP from 2013 helped me to let go of limiting beliefs I had

· I started writing again then, although never thought I would publish…

· But a Past Life Regression session confirmed that it was part of my blueprint

· So, I started looking into publishing my first two books, Unbroken and Strong

· I began to spend every free second I had writing (weekends, evenings, holidays…)

· Sept 2016, I quit my job to start a coaching business… But all I did was focus on writing!

· Actions speak louder than words: in 2017, I finally got it and decided that writing comes first.

And then in December 2018, my book Coast Guard Rescue One became an Amazon bestseller. This was the next step in the layer, and the thing that made my jaw drop… Because you see, at first, it was okay being a writer; then, it was okay to have readers; and okay to keep writing more books… It even became okay to quit my well-paying full-time job as a Bid Writer (ha!) to pursue my passion full time. But to become a bestselling author? That was so big for me that it never even hit my consciousness until I saw that little Amazon #1 sticker next to my book…

And so, believe it or not, I was feeling really down at the end of 2018. I was doing my vision board for 2019 and simply could not see the next layer in my development. I thought 2019 would be a hell of a flat year for me. I could not figure out how I would better becoming a bestselling author… What a failure of the imagination! Because on 14th January, I received an email from Tantor Media wanting to acquire the audio rights to Coast Guard Rescue One. I signed a contract with Tantor, and on 14th May, the audio version will be available on Amazon, Audible, iTunes, etc… I will have the absolute pleasure of listening to a professional narrator read my book back to me – Amazing. So, that was another layer. A few weeks later, as if the Universe was keen to make me understand that 2019 really was not going to be a flat year (!), my two new Sci-Fi books A Soldier First and Contact 2020 became #1 and #2 on the Amazon bestsellers list...

What’s been confirmed to me through this succession of awesome events, and the reason I write this blog today, is that EVERYTHING really IS POSSIBLE. It might take some time and some layers, but one thing that will accelerate the process is what you do in your own head, and the actions that you take. So:

1. DREAM! Dream big and don’t allow your current circumstances to limit you; these are only a reflection of your previous state of being. So, ignore your circumstances, they’re not real.

2. ACT! And behave As If your dream has already come true. The quicker you transform yourself into the person who has what you want, the quicker the results will manifest.

3. FLOW! Insistence creates Resistance, so don’t insist on a particular outcome. There are many ways of achieving your goals and dreams, and 99% of the time, you won’t consciously know how. Just find out what your blueprint is, become the most authentic version of yourself, and flow with it without insisting on results. Believe me, they will come and blow your mind!

Now, I have a new vision board with what could be my next layer on it. It’s outrageously big, ambitious, and exciting. Because if becoming a bestselling author and signing a deal with a US publisher has taught me one thing, it’s that when it comes to following your passion, nothing has to make sense and there aren’t any limits.

So, what’s your dream?

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