• Natalie Debrabandere


When I’m writing, it’s all about flow. I never plan, I like to feel things. That goes for choosing the name of a new main character as well.

I set the intention of finding one the other day, just before going on my morning run. 06:00 a.m. All quiet, grey and cold – UK life! I was almost at the end of my street when suddenly, I saw this crow on a roof, glaring at me. She kinda looked annoyed. Another one perched opposite must have caught on the mood and started to caw her head off. Then, they both took off at the same time and dive-bombed on my head about three times. Picture the scene: under attack, and looking like Phoebe from Friends!

Now, the crows may not have attempted to kill me, but you never know… It was 2020, and things were crazy. I completed my run. Came home without a name for my MC, but as I was having coffee, I wondered... What was the meaning of the experience? Was it somehow connected to my initial intention? I don’t believe in coincidence, so I stayed with it.

Attacked by crows… Big enough to be ravens… And black as night, too! I played with the words. Raven… Crow… Black... It was fun, and I felt like I was on to something. Raven Black… A sizzle ran down my back. Raven Black! There was the name I was looking for!

So, there you go: proof that true magic happens – all you have to do is believe!

My new book is called Working for Truth, and I can’t wait to introduce Raven to you.

Out for pre-order 19th May. Stay tuned…

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