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Natalie Debrabandere Author

"Having read a few of the author's other books I had high hopes of this one and was not disappointed. A love story with a strong thriller element, two very relatable leads and a beautiful setting, what's not to like?"

Kindle & Paperback available WORLDWIDE on your local Amazon marketplace

British Rescue Leader Lucy Mitchell once travelled the world to save people...


After a terrible accident put an end to her career, Lucy found new purpose in running the Starlight Ranch, an equine therapy centre located in the French Pyrenees. There, she helps First Responders and Army vets deal with the PTSD and depression that once almost destroyed her.


Fifty-year-old Hollywood heavyweight Iris Sinclair is at the top of her own career, having just won two Academy Awards. The tiny village of Oleyrac would not normally be on her list of places to visit, but a dangerous stalker soon makes it her only option for refuge.


As a chance encounter brings them together, both women discover that the true love they believed was out of reach might be possible after all... But will a dark, evil, and unavoidable force destroy their future?


***** “Vintage Lesfic… Couldn’t put it down!”

***** “Suspense, tension, a thrilling romance... Brilliant!” *****

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