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"Seldom does a book resonate in my soul the way this one has. This is just a beautiful story of love finding a way. Sometimes the road is rough and long but the destination makes it worth the effort. It seems as if this book could be non-fiction because the action seems so real. A lot of research had to have gone into making this story come alive. Thank you for a beautiful story!!!!!"

Kindle & Paperback available WORLDWIDE on your local Amazon marketplace

Life is a challenge and IEDs a constant threat for the soldiers working at Cobel, an American checkpoint located deep inside Afghanistan's Helmand Province.


British Army medic Kate Sanderson’s mission there is crystal clear: to look after the injured and save as many lives as she can, on both sides of the wire, and avoid getting herself killed in the process. She is assigned to a platoon led by USMC Captain Tyler Jackson, a talented young officer who uses her career as an excuse to avoid personal relationships.


The handsome captain has learnt the hard way that love can hurt beyond life itself, but Kate's presence in camp is making it difficult for her to keep her distance…

When fate blows them apart, both women will discover the power of hope, trust, and that destiny really is only a matter of choice.

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