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"Well, my goodness! Miss Debrabandere has done it again as far as I'm concerned. There was breath taking scenery, swashbuckling, treachery, pirates, and a good young Viking walk about. Well written, effective showing through dialogue and series of events. I'm determined to read all of this author's body of work for sure. Read the book and enjoy a strong female lead loving a woman."

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897 A.D - in the Highlands of Scotland.


Thyra of Asger, wild, tough, and beautiful, has just turned twenty-one. Raised like one of the boys by her older brother Bjarke, she has become a strong and proud Viking warrior. Now, all she wants to do is live a life of adventure and travel.


When the moody and violent Bjarke fails to take her seriously, Thyra finds someone else who does. Kari Sturlusson, of the Volsung clan, is older, wiser, and commander-in-chief of her people. Over the course of a magical summer, she becomes Thyra’s mentor, her teacher, and her lover.


But the Asger and the Volsung share a bitter and cruel history. Winter will bring with it blood, destruction, and devastating heartache. The end of a cycle, and the beginning of a journey; transformation, and a startling choice to make. In the end, will Thyra’s promise hold true?

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