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"I love how Natalie's books are always so different, yet with that same common core of strong and brave women coming together and giving love a chance. This is another winner, a story of true love and forgiveness, with a lot of suspense too. Highly recommend!”

Kindle & Paperback available WORLDWIDE on your local Amazon marketplace


During an evening bike ride in her hometown of Glastonbury, England, lawyer JoAnn Daniels is assaulted by a group of men. Out of nowhere, a stranger steps in and risks her own life to save hers. If this was not enough to catch JoAnn’s attention, limpid blue eyes, unruly black hair, and a big dose of heroic stoicism certainly do.

Morgan Lee has kind of lost her way. On the road for a long time, she seeks solace in solitude. Now injured following the rescue, and with her emotional defences down, JoAnn’s offer of a roof over her head to recover is hard to resist.

So is their growing attraction for each other…

Will trust, healing, and love blossom between the two women?

Or will Morgan’s dark past catch up with her, and destroy them both?

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