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Natalie Debrabandere Author

"Will their love transcend time? You better read this spectacular 3rd installment of the series! Lesfic sci-fi at its best with a true love story with all the bumps and alien fighting along the way."

Kindle & Paperback available WORLDWIDE on your local Amazon marketplace



Following victory on Earth, Commander Al’eesya Y Shar is once again fighting on behalf of the Confederation of Planets. The fierce, handsome soldier has put the past, and especially one particular human, behind her for good.


Dr Kelsey Gray is a survivor. Although her own memories may be lost to her, her passion for saving lives is intact. Back on her feet, she finds solace and universal purpose in resurrecting her medical career as a surgeon.


When life throws them together, the headstrong commander and the courageous doctor are unprepared for the emotions it triggers. Kelsey aches to remember; Shar wants to forget. There are too many secrets, painful wounds, conflicts, and paradoxes to count.


And yet; this time… Will love be strong enough to conquer all?

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