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“Wow... Just when you think Natalie can't raise her game again... She brings out a book like this! I loved Working for Truth - so, so much! Brilliant characters, great UK setting. And Raven Black... No spoilers - Just read it!!”

Kindle & Paperback available WORLDWIDE on your local Amazon marketplace


In the small village of Kenbey, Leicestershire, rumour has it that a new spiritual organisation could be a dangerous cult in the making. British writer Holly McKay aims to find out if this is true, and perhaps win herself a Pulitzer Prize in the process... Or at least, a front cover!

The leader of the group, Raven Black, is just as unusual and intriguing as she is charismatic. A woman who claims to channel Pleiadian entities… Someone who can even change the weather at will, apparently! Is she nothing but a deluded guru? A talented liar? Something else?

As Holly delves deep into her world on a 5-day retreat, she can only be sure of one thing: on the far side of 'out there', anything is possible!

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